When you think of the colour blue, what comes to your mind? In my case, I imagine the sea and sky. Both of these bring a smile to my face and immediately make me happier. Blue is also the colour of my tablet’s keypad. Since I enjoy using the tablet, this is another reason why blue gives me positive vibes.

If when we meet you ask me, “How are you?” and I reply, “I’m FEELING a bit BLUE”, would you think that all is ok with me? Look carefully at my face, however, and you’ll notice something is wrong. That’s because to FEEL BLUE really means to be SAD. It’s a negative emotion.

Here’s a classic band, Creedence Clearwater Revival, with their song FEELIN’ BLUE.

Use it or you lose it …

How is it in your language? Can you say that you’re FEELING BLUE when you’re sad? Or does FEELING BLUE have another meaning?  What songs do you listen to when you’re FEELING BLUE?

Write in using the comments box below.


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