Know your tenses – Brandon Truaxe (part 2)

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense

Deciem’s sales 9__________ (hit) $300 million, which 10__________ (be) significant for a company best known for its inexpensive products, specifically from its marquee brand, The Ordinary. Kim Kardashian publicly 11__________ (claim) her love of one of the serums, which 12__________ (cost) less than $10. Deciem 13__________ (have) over 370,000 Instagram followers and a Facebook fan group that 14__________ (be) 58,000 strong. Estée Lauder even 15__________ (take) a minority stake in the company because of its unique brand proposition and incredible growth. But recently its products and business model 16__________ (eclipse) by Truaxe himself. While most CEOs 17__________ (stay) safely behind the curtain, Truaxe 18__________ (place) himself into the fray.

(adapted from an article on

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