A number of elderly people,
mainly women, were easy prey for
two teenage boys who targeted
vulnerable people systematically
in a bid to steal their wallets, a
court heard yesterday.
Four women had their purse
robbed, while in two other cases
the attempt was foiled when the
victims resisted.

(Times of Malta 21 July 2016)

That news report carries 2 related words: steal and borrow. The first part, “… in a bid to steal their wallets” is correct. However, the second part, “Four women had their purse robbed“, is not.

The reason is because you STEAL something (a credit card/a bicycle/the Mona Lisa) but ROB someone or somewhere (a delivery man/a customer/a bank}. The newspaper report should read:

  • Four women had their purse stolen


  • Two teenage boys robbed four women of their purse


Over to you …write in now!

Have you ever been robbed? Where and when was it? What was stolen?


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