No parking!


A road sign is a simple, yet useful, way of learning new vocabulary. I took a photo of one that was just outside where my mother lives. Some construction work was to take place between the 13th and 22nd September, meaning the road in front had to be kept empty. The “No Parking” is clear enough but what if someone still left their car there? A TOW truck would have turned up and towed (pulled) the wrongly parked car away. To tow is usually used for vehicles and boats. For example, if your motor boat breaks down while you’re out at sea and another boat ties a rope to yours to pull you back to shore, then it is towing your boat. This time, it is not towing away but towing to shore or safety.

Over to you … write in now!

Being towed away is one thing that can happen if you park where you shouldn’t. How else can you be punished for it in your country?

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