cc … mm; ll … nn

I bet you have no idea what this is all about.  Whatever can I mean by “cc … mm; ll … nn”? Well,  just let your eyes read on.


Maybe you know the meaning of the words but please, watch out for their spelling. As you can see, both have 2 double consonants.


Aha! The post title suddenly makes sense. Interestingly, these are among the most commonly misspelled words in English, even by native speakers themselves.

Use the language – write in!

When looking for (or booking) holiday accommodation, you often find these letters next to the prices: B&B, HB, FB. Do you know what they mean?

If millennium is a period of a thousand years, what are the words for 100 years,10 years and 2 weeks?

4 thoughts on “cc … mm; ll … nn

  1. B&B: Bed and breakfast
    HB: half board (mostly breakfast & dinner)
    FB: full boar (breakfast, lunch & dinner)

    100 years: a century
    10 years: a decade
    2 weeks: fortnight – not to be confused with the popular video game “fortnite” 😀

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