Agree or disagree with someone

There was a lively discussion in the classroom today. The topic was stereotypes, specifically that of men and women. My students had to discuss a number of statements, such as:

  • Women are better at multitasking than men
  • Men are more interested than women in power
  • Women spend more time than men on social networking sites

Even though the women outnumbered the men by 3 to 1, there was still an interesting and heartfelt exchange of ideas. Of course there were agreements and disagreements, which were sometimes expressed with the sentence I’m agree with you / I’m disagree with you.

While it’s clear what the speakers meant, I’m agree with you / I’m disagree with you is not grammatically correct. The correct way is to say I agree with you / I disagree with you, since the verb is to agree / disagree and not to be agree / disagree.

There is a more formal way, using the verb to be, and that is by saying I’m in agreement with you. Interestingly, it is rarely used in the negative I’m in disagreement with you.

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