Sometimes I prefer not listening to the news as often there is more bad than good. Crime, political scandals, natural disasters, collapsing tower blocks and houses on fire – a flood of negativity which brainwashes us into thinking that no good is left in the world.

If that is what I think, then why am I writing about houses on fire in this blog? The reason, folks, is because there is an idiom which talks about two people GETTING ALONG LIKE A HOUSE ON FIRE. Contrary to what you might think, this has a positive meaning. If I tell you that the new students in class today and the “old” ones (those from previous weeks) GOT ALONG LIKE A HOUSE ON FIRE, then I’m saying that they got on very well together. When I put them in pairs and gave them some time to socialize, the volume and intensity of the conversations were proof enough that in spite of having only just met, THEY WERE ALREADY GETTING ALONG LIKE A HOUSE ON FIRE.

Over to you …

Have you got a similar idiom in your language? What do you say and how does it translate into English?


  1. Ops, I say, “Eles estão se dando bem”

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  2. Nós falamos “Eles se deram bem”
    In English, “They are getting along well” 🙂 🙂

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    1. We can say that too in English – They get (are getting) along well


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