Do the following sentences have the same meaning or are they different? If they are different, can you explain what they mean?

  1. I need to change the wardrobe
  2. I need a change of wardrobe


3 thoughts on “WARDROBE

  1. I’m not sure, but I guess these two sentences are different.
    The first sentence means that I have to change clothes before doing something. (action)
    The second sentence means that I have to take another clothes, in case of necessity.(thing)

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    1. You’re right that they’re different.

      The first (CHANGE THE WARDROBE) refers to the piece of furniture. Maybe it’s old or too small and I need to replace it.

      The second (CHANGE OF WARDROBE) means that I need to replace the clothes I have with new ones. It could be that my clothes are old and/or unfashionable or even that they don’t fit me any more. On the other hand Yuko, what you explained is a CHANGE OF CLOTHES. Let’s say that straight after work you’re off to the theatre. Since you don’t want to go there in the same outfit, you take a CHANGE OF CLOTHES with you.


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