It must have happened to you some time that you forgot to put your phone on charge during the night. To make matters worse, the following morning you went to work or university without the charger. I bet that by noon the screen went blank as the phone powered down. It might have been the latest iPhone or Samsung but it was now AS DEAD AS A DODO.

You have a washing machine which has washed too many clothes over too many years. It breaks down so you call a technician, only for him/her to tell you that it is beyond repair. Really, you exclaim. Cannot it be fixed? The reply is clear: it’s AS DEAD AS A DODO.

When something is beyond repair, has become useless or is not popular any more, then you can emphasise the fact with this expression.

I’ll give you one last example – communism. Once upon a time it was an important political doctrine, with people and countries fighting for their belief in it. Today, communism is AS DEAD AS A DODO.

Over to you …

Do you have any personal stories to tell where you can use this expression? I’m waiting to hear them.

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