Time to share a joke

I wish I had but the day started at 5am and now, 14 hours later, tiredness is making itself felt. However, if you’ve got a joke to SAY / TELL, I’m listening. If you do and I don’t understand it, I can say that I DIDN’T GET THE JOKE. It may happen that a few seconds later, THE PENNY DROPS and I burst out in laughter. On the other hand, if I’ve heard the same joke countless times, I would tell you what a STALE JOKE that was. If you manage to make me laugh a lot, then I would BE IN STITCHES. It’s equivalent to the messaging acronym LOL (laugh out loud).

Let me get back to my original question. Which is correct – TELL a joke or SAY a joke? Don’t worry if you’re not sure. You can always use CRACK A JOKE instead.

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