We had a colourful – and informative – session in class this afternoon, with students drawing and explaining their country flags, singing part of the national anthem and giving a brief history of the national day and how it is celebrated. With all this waving of flags, the expression FLYING THE FLAG immediately comes to mind.

Have you ever heard of FEMEN, a women’s movement that aims to defend social equality? Although they make the news for their topless protests, they are actually FLYING THE FLAG for women’s rights in male-dominated societies. One time, they FLEW THE FLAG of their beliefs – this time to demonstrate against female circumcision in Africa – at the Berlin Film Festival by rushing onto the red carpet.

On another level, here is me nearly 10 years ago FLYING THE FLAG for IELS, the school I work at. It’s an informal video taken at short notice. Now you can see how uncomfortable I feel in front of a camera!

These expressions mean the same as FLY THE FLAG:

  • wave the flag
  • show the flag

Over to you …

Are you patriotic? Are you passionate about a football or ice-hockey team? Is there a particular cause you support? This is your chance to FLY THE FLAG on this website by writing in and telling other NotOnlyGrammar followers about it.

More for you …

Click to read more about FEMEN

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