Not another “sometimes”!

I read it too often in my students’ writing tasks, this word SOMETIMES. Now just as I tell them, I’ll tell you. There are many other words or phrases which can be used instead to avoid repeating it. Here are just 3 of them:

  1. every so often
  2. once in a while
  3. every now and then

Over to you …

Do you know of any others? Write in and share.

2 thoughts on “Not another “sometimes”!

  1. at intervals, at times, consistently, constantly, ever and again, frequently, from time to time, here and there, intermittently, now and again, occasionally, off and on, on occasion, periodically, recurrently

    Every time I have to write an essay or term paper I use so I don’t repeat myself but rather use a greater variety of words. You can find synonyms, definitions, antonyms and more on this website. (Unfortunately I don’t get paid for this advert😁)

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    1. After such an exhaustive list, is there anything left for me to say? In fact, there is. “Constantly” and a few others refer to things which happen more often than “sometimes”.

      I also use and its companion site in the classroom, in the hope that it encourages students to use an English-English dictionary when stumbling across new words.

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