Greetings – how should you answer?

What I’m going to ask you might seem obvious, yet it surprises me how often students get it wrong. Those of you who were in class today know exactly what I mean. So please, be patient and tell me how you would reply to the following greetings:

  1. How do you do?
  2. How are you?
  3. How are you doing?

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2 thoughts on “Greetings – how should you answer?

  1. 1.How do you do ?
    reply – How do you do ?

    2.How are you ? / How are you doing ?
    reply – I’m fine, thank you.

    I think “How do you do ?” is similar to “Nice to meet you”.

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    1. Number 1, correct and yes, it’s similar to “Nice to meet you”.
      Number 2, also correct.
      Number 3 is the least formal, so you can give a more honest reply than the standard “fine, thanks”.


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