Countries and nationalities

You don’t have to think too hard for today’s task. Visitors to come from all over the world. Here is a typical sample:

What are the nationality words for those countries? For example, if the country is Italy, the nationality is Italian.


6 thoughts on “Countries and nationalities

    1. I did say in the preamble that it was easy … but apparently not easy enough! Someone from the Philippines is Filipino.


      1. Since “Philippine” is an adjective, you could say that you have a Philippine friend. As a noun, only the second of the 2 sentences is valid.
        Another example is SPAIN (country) => SPANISH (adjective, e.g. a Spanish song) => SPANIARD (noun, e.g. my new flatmate is a Spaniard)
        For most countries in the world – Malta included – one word suffices. Hence, I am a Maltese and Kinnie is a typical Maltese drink.

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