A student sits (with pen and paper) at the front of the class, facing their classmates and with their back to the whiteboard. Meanwhile, I write a sentence on the board which this student must write down with the help of their class colleagues, who cannot speak the words that they are trying to explain. It usually turns out to be a fun and funny way of working with language; today was a perfect example!

One of the sentences I put on the whiteboard was:

Amongst a variety of fairground attractions, one can find haunted houses and bumping cars.

At the end of the session, I was asked why I used the word AMONGST and not AMONG. I won’t repeat my answer just yet because I want to give you the chance to think about. Take a look at these …

  1. It’s good to know you’re AMONG / AMONGST friends when in difficult situations
  2. While whispering AMONG / AMONGST themselves, they exited the room

What are your choices? Why? If it’s just a gut feeling, that’s ok too.


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