One of the class tasks today was for the students to put together 4 news headlines. They were each given 2 or 3 of the words used in the headlines and, without looking at each other’s words or placing them on the table, they had to discuss and discover what the originals were. Only then could they put the completed headlines on the desks.

During the activity, President Trump was mentioned and his wish to EXPEL a large number of non-Americans from the United States. While I have no intention of talking about his politics, the word EXPEL neatly leads on to the following two sentences:

  1. The disruptive student was EXPELLED from school
  2. The disruptive student was SUSPENDED from school

What is the difference in meaning between EXPEL and SUSPEND in the situations above?

4 thoughts on “EXPEL / SUSPEND

  1. 1. The student is not allowed to enter any lesson of his school again. He*/She has to search for a new school.
    2. The student is not allowed to enter lessons of his school for a specific period of time. He*/She can come back afterwards.

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