No, this is not the final post of I’ve been giving you useful bits of language for a few years already and I hope I can keep it up for a few more years. The goodbye in the title is a word that is often used on Friday at the language school. Just as new students arrive on a Monday, for others Friday is their last day in class. It’s the time for looking good for farewell photos and exchanging goodbyes. But is there only this one word we can use in such situations? Thankfully not, otherwise it would be very boring. Here are some other possibilities:

  1. BON VOYAGE – yes, French speakers rejoice. This term can and is often used in English. It is usually said to someone who has to catch a flight, ship, train or long coach trip to reach their destination
  2. GODSPEED – if for some reason the journey is going to be a difficult one, then you can use this word
  3. FAREWELL – if you might not be seeing the person for a long time (or maybe never again), then this is a good one. Many of you know it from the term FAREWELL PARTY, a final party given for the person going away
  4. BYE BYE – is it a child who is leaving? Then use this term. It’s rather unusual to say it to adults
  5. ADIEU – French speakers, it’s your lucky day! It is sometimes said when we won’t be seeing the person again
  6. SAYONARA – to conclude, here’s this one from Japan. Again, we tend to say it if we don’t expect to see the person again

Over to you …

We’ve seen the French and Japanese for goodbye/have a good trip. Now what do you say in your language?

More for you …

GODSPEED was also mentioned in a post a few weeks ago. Click here to read it.

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