Do you have any SIBLINGS?

Do you have any brothers or sisters? = 7 words
Do you have any SIBLINGS? = 5 words

There you have it, one good reason to use the word SIBLING. However, if you are asked the question, it is better to answer with brothers and sisters. When I tell you that I have one SIBLING, your next question is going to be, “Brother or sister?” Hence it makes sense for me to reply directly with, “I have a sister” or “One sister”.

Also note that we usually use the plural form – SIBLINGS – in the question.

Over to you …

So who of you out there has the most SIBLINGS? What’s the age difference between the youngest and the oldest? Can you beat the man in the story below?

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5 thoughts on “Do you have any SIBLINGS?

  1. I am the oldest of five children. First comes me, then Sarah, then Benjamin, then Claire, and then John. We are all about 2 years apart.

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    1. That’s quite an age gap! Keep in mind that in familial situations, you can use either ELDEST or OLDEST.


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