Three weddings

If you’ve never watched the film Four Weddings and a Funeral, then I suggest you do. Why not try watching it in English, possibly with English subtitles, if you don’t feel confident enough? It is not my intention to write about it because you can easily find information and trailers on the internet. I will, however, highlight three special types of weddings.

  1. SHOTGUN WEDDING => The boy and girl have been having sex and she gets pregnant. They are then under a lot of pressure from their parents to marry (and marry as soon as possible) because it would be an embarrassment for the families if the girl remained a single mother. So, even though they might not be in love, they have a quick wedding – a SHOTGUN WEDDING
  2. MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE => Living in the European Union makes it very easy to live and work in another EU country. It is much more difficult for those living outside the EU or for someone to obtain a work/residency permit for the USA or Australia. One way around this problem is to marry someone who was born in the country you wish to emigrate to. Love is not necessary but a cash incentive might make it easier to find a person ready to enter into a MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE
  3. PROXY WEDDING => There’s no pressure form the parents to get married. The couple do not have problems with obtaining work permits. They are genuinely in love. The problem is that one of them cannot be physically present for the wedding. The solution is a PROXY WEDDING, where the absent groom or bride are legally represented by a third person. As Kim, one of my students, remarked, does this third person get to kiss the bride or groom once the marriage is finalized?

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