Sharing some interesting language

I was so chuffed to hear some rather interesting words and phrases during our getting to know your partner/classmates session this Monday morning that I felt I should share them with all of you.

  • I’ve SET MY SIGHTS ON working abroad => My aim is to work abroad
  • My partner will TURN 20 next month => Next birthday my partner will be 20
  • I only have a SMATTERING OF Spanish => I only know a little bit of Spanish
  • While in the Seychelles she did a lot of ISLAND-HOPPING => She visited many different islands while in the Seychelles
  • He’s FRESH OUT OF high school => He’s just finished high school

Over to you …

What have you SET your SIGHTS ON in the coming months or years?

Can you think of any other ………-HOPPING words?

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