I thought I’d mention that CHANGING someone’s MIND and CHANGING someone’s MENTALITY is not the same. We spoke about the difference in class but here it is again.

  1. It’s a Friday night and your mates want to go out and party. You’re feeling tired and in no mood for wild celebrations. Instead, you plan to spend a quiet evening at home. Your friends want you to join them and so they start messaging and phoning, hoping to CHANGE your MIND. You keep saying no until they make an offer you can’t refuse – the drinks will be on them! Immediately, you CHANGE your MIND and start preparing for a wild night.
  2. As beautiful as this small island is, many people who live here have an “I don’t care” attitude when it comes to keeping the environment outside our homes clean. They throw take-away pizza boxes in the street, toss cigarette butts in flower pots and planters, even dump old micro-wave ovens or washing machines in the countryside. It is very difficult to CHANGE this MENTALITY. The government tries with TV spots or informational flyers in people’s letter boxes while at school, kids are taught to respect the environment. Maybe it’s these youngsters who, when older, will help CHANGE this annoying MENTALITY of the Maltese.

Simply said, CHANGE one’s MIND refers to a particular situation and is “temporary” while CHANGE one’s MENTALITY refers to a way of thinking and is more “permanent”.


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