Passenger on a motorbike or in a car?

Passenger on a plane. Passenger on a train. Passenger on a ship. Passenger in a car. Passenger on a motorbike. Too many passengers. Surely there must be other ways of talking about someone who is using a mode of transport?! Of course there is and this is where you’ll get to know about them.

  1. If you’re the passenger in the front seat of a car, then you can say that you are RIDING SHOTGUN
  2. If there are 3 people sitting in the back and you are unlucky enough to be in the middle, then you are RIDING BITCH; it’s also possible to say that you are RIDING WHORE
  3. Passenger on a motorbike? Then RIDING PILLION is for you

IMPORTANT!!!: As you should know, words like bitch and whore are considered offensive in many situations, so be extra careful with RIDING BITCH or RIDING WHORE.

RIDING SHOTGUN is OK to use although it is informal while RIDING PILLION is safe to use with anyone.

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