Another 2 words which are often confused are DOCUMENTATION and DOCUMENTARY. I’ll be focusing on the noun forms of these words.

If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to have your smartphone stolen while on holiday, you know exactly how frustrating it can be. Maybe you have an insurance for such situations. Even so, you still have to fill in a claim form with the insurance company. They might also ask you for a police report and a receipt to prove how much the phone had cost. All these papers together are known as DOCUMENTATION. Similarly when you apply for a work permit in another country. The authorities always ask for loads of DOCUMENTATION before they can process your application.

Do you remember how many famous singers died last year? David Bowie, for instance. Invariably, within a few days, many television stations put on a film about his life and career, usually with lots of clips from concerts, interviews with people who knew him and other interesting information. Such a program is known as a DOCUMENTARY. DOCUMENTARIES can also be on the radio or in the form of YouTube videos. There are DOCUMENTARIES about all sorts of things, from archaeology to wildlife.

Over to you …

  1. What other situations might require the presentation of DOCUMENTATION?
  2. Do you enjoy watching DOCUMENTARIES? What about?

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