Hungry or very, very hungry?

My menu for today was – 2 croissants (chocolate-filled!) for breakfast, a banana for lunch and another banana during the afternoon break. If I was preparing my body for the summer season, trying to lose excess weight to look good as I parade along the sandy shoreline in swimming shorts, then that would have been enough for the day. But I’m not thinking of the beach, especially when the belly is crying out with hunger pains. Leaving school at 6pm, tired after the day’s work and feeling very, very hungry isn’t the right combination for a good mood. Oops … did I say very, very hungry? Surely there must be another way of expressing it. In fact, there is and now that I’m in a better mood after a lovely meal prepared by my lovely wife, I’ll give you not one, but two, ways.

  1. I was STARVING by the time I left school
  2. A whole day on just 2 croissants and 2 bananas left me FAMISHED

Next time you are feeling the same way, try to use either STARVING or FAMISHED instead of very, very hungry.

3 thoughts on “Hungry or very, very hungry?

  1. It’s very nice Sandro.
    It reminded me of a lecture I was present for lately by an accomplished writer.

    She stated that a writer rather than ‘say’ should ‘describe’.

    So in this case, as a small exercise rather than say ‘I am hungry’, I could say, ‘I have eaten very little and thus my stomach is grumbling’. 😀

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