A yawning gap

Whoever has been a student of mine will have heard me mention the expression YAWNING GAP on numerous occasions. Often, I use the population of my country, Malta, with one of my student’s. Recently, I compared Brazil, with its 200,000,000 people and Malta, which has only 400,000. The difference in number is clear, the difference is huge. Quite simply, there’s a YAWNING GAP between the two populations.

This expression can be used in so many other situations, not only with numbers. Think big differences in lifestyle, cuisine, mentality and YAWNING GAP comes in useful. Chinese and Maltese cuisine? I think that though we might agree that both are delicious, the YAWNING GAP between them is obvious. The ingredients used, cooking method and flavours are just some of the dissimilarities.

Here’s another example taken from a BBC news report which mentions the YAWNING GAP in the salaries of truck drivers (for full report, click here):

He says the salary he takes home is a monthly average of 477 euros (£420).

A Danish driver can expect to take home an average of 2,200 euros (£1,900) a month in salary.

Any real life examples that you can give me using YAWNING GAP?

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