Talking about the BELLY

Interestingly, some students don’t agree that BELLY, stomach and tummy have the same meaning. I’m not qualified to discuss biology or anatomy but I can tell you that in spoken English you can safely use any of these 3 words in everyday conversations. Once you know the word BELLY, it’s easy to learn these connected words and idioms:

  • BEER BELLY – this is what you get when you regularly drink too much beer and don’t exercise enough
  • BELLY BUTTON –  the hole you see if you take a look at the centre of your belly; where the first communication cable between us and our mummies was connected.
  • BELLY DANCING – see it here
  • TO GO BELLY UP – when a project fails or a business goes bankrupt, then it goes belly up. For example, in the next town from where I live – St Paul’s Bay – the council’s plan to introduce a Residents Parking Scheme went belly up. Click to read: news item.

Do you know of any business or project which went belly up in your town or region in recent years? What was the reason for the failure? I’d like to know so write in.

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