A NOISY person and a NOSY (also NOSEY) one are not quite the same, though both can be unpleasant.

NOISY (coming from noise) reminds me of the day when I was stretched out on a sunbed at Ponta Negra beach, book in one hand and a cool coconut drink in the other. Then, a beach vendor came along, pushing a cart with CDs and two massive speakers playing music at full volume. I wouldn’t have minded if he had kept on moving but he decided to spend the next quarter of an hour just a few metres away from me. Those were a very NOISY 15 minutes; he was the NOISIEST beach vendor I had ever met.

NOSY is just like the man in the picture above. He hears you arriving home and wants to see if you’re alone and what you’re wearing; friends come to visit you and he checks to see who they are. You meet him the following day and he asks you why you had friends over the night before, if you had a party, what you were celebrating. So many questions and they all seem to be about your personal life!

Well, if you had to choose between having a NOISY neighbour or a NOSY one, which would you prefer, and why?

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