3 questions about time periods


You start chatting to a student who you haven’t met before; it’s the 14 February. She/he arrived in Malta on 07 February; she/he returns home on the 28 February. You don’t have this information so at some point you will probably need to use one of these questions:

  • How long have you been staying here for? – This is to know about the period of time starting with the student’s arrival in Malta (07 February) until today (14 February). Their answer will be, “I’ve been staying here for 1 week.”
  • How much longer are you staying here for? – This is for the period of time starting from today until the student leaves Malta. Their answer will now be, “I’m staying here for another 2 weeks.”
  • How long are you here for? – This is a question for the full period, from arrival in Malta until departure. In this case, she/he will say, “I’m here for 3 weeks.”

There are other ways of asking for this information. Can you think of any? Write in with your ideas.

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