Do you have something – a piece of jewellery or even furniture; maybe valuable, maybe not – that was given to you by one of your parents and which was given to them by their parents (your grandparents)? Possibly, this was also given to your grandparents by their own parents (your great-grandparents). If you have, then this thing is known as an HEIRLOOM.

I’ll use the watch I’m wearing (in the photo above) as an example. I know, it’s a very modern one but let’s say that this had belonged to my grandfather, who passed it on to my dad, who in turn gave it to me. I would refer to this watch as a family HEIRLOOM.

By the way, did you notice I wrote an heirloom, not a heirloom? That’s because the letter h is not pronounced, while the eir is spoken like the word air.

Well folks, have you got an HEIRLOOM you would like to tell me about? What is it? How many generations has it been in the family? Is there an interesting story behind it? Write in and share!

2 thoughts on “HEIRLOOM

  1. Hi Sandro. I don’t have an heirloom; but, my daughter has a pair of earrings that belonged to my grandmother. They are priceless for her, and now we know how to call them. Thanks

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