Valletta goes Lilliput with new street sign

In one of my classes a few months ago, I used a short article from a local newspaper (The Times of Malta) to help my students:

  • revise vocabulary we had learnt earlier on that week (COMMUTER)
  • guess the meaning of unknown words by looking at the photo which accompanied the text (SLAM, BARRIER)
  • discover an interesting alternative for “small” (LILLIPUT)
  • find another way of drinking (SIP)

This shows just how useful reading in English is. You don’t need to buy books or magazines. Go on-line and find an interesting article. After you’ve done that, share it with other language learners by sending the link in the comments box below.




  1. Thanks for sharing the link!


  2. “Sip” 😊 Thanks!

    For the article below – also from a local newspaper – I think there is an interesting alternative for “species” as well a possible way of “named”.

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