Countries and nationalities

Drawings by students of class 215A
Drawings by students of class 215A

These flags were all drawn by my students. Do you recognize any of them?

Your task is to name the country and the nationality. For example, my country is Malta and my nationality is Maltese.

Now see how many you can name!

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2 thoughts on “Countries and nationalities

  1. Hello Sandro,

    (1) is Germany and nationality is German.
    (2) is Brazil and nationality is Brazilian.
    (3) is South Korea and nationality is Korean.
    (4) is Switzerland and nationality is Swiss.
    (5) is Spain and nationality is Spanish.
    (6) is Colombia and nationality is Colombian.
    I’m sorry I have no idea about (7)(8).
    (9) is my country .It’s Japan and nationality is Japanese.

    Drawings are pretty good !

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    1. Hi Yuko. 8 is Austria, nationality Austrian. 7 is the flag of Catalonia, a region is Spain. Many people who live there – Catalans – want independence from Spain.


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