Spot the mistake #007: For the wine drinkers!

Here’s a humorous tip for wine drinkers which I spotted at a leading bistro near the Malta International Airport.


Your task? Spot the mistake. What is it and why is it wrong?



  1. Yuko Maeda · · Reply

    “breath” is noun.
    I think “allow it to breathe” is right.
    Or “to allow breathing”.


    1. Your explanation is correct and so are your examples. Be careful with the pronunciation. Although the noun and verb look similar, we speak them differently.


  2. ANDREA · · Reply

    … give it A mouth …


    1. No need for an article when you’re using the expression “mouth to mouth (resuscitation)”. The problem is BREATH, which is a noun. The verb form is necessary here, so the correct word is BREATHE. Although they look similar, the pronunciation is different too.


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