“I was thirsty so I drunk water.”

If you ask me about the most common mistakes I have met in my 24 years of teaching English, drunk is definitely one of them. The sentence above is taken from a writing piece by an intermediate level student of mine. It might look OK and even sound all right when spoken but it isn’t.

I was thirsty shows us that the action takes place in the past and the past form of to drink is … DRANK. Therefore, the correct sentence is I was thirsty so I drank water. DRUNK is the 3rd form of the verb and is used with the present perfect – he has drunk 2 litres of water so far – or the past perfect – the runner collapsed because hadn’t drunk enough in the hot weather


DRUNK can be used in other ways, for example:

  • He was too drunk to walk back home and so he spent the night sleeping on the sandy beach (adjective)
  • They could hear the drunk singing outside their bedroom window (noun)

So folks, my advice to you is don’t drink too much alcohol but if you do, try to remember the correct form to use!



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