Tickets that COST AN ARM AND A LEG

Arena das Dunas - Natal - Brasil
Arena das Dunas – Natal – Brasil

“By now you will have heard the horror stories. The price of hotel rooms doubling, trebling, quadrupling. Flights that would require a second mortgage to afford. Tickets that cost an arm and a leg.”

As the months go by, more and more sports news will be about next year’s World Cup. If you’re thinking of going, I suggest you click on the link above for some useful tips. One of them is about the price of stadium tickets, which will COST AN ARM AND A LEG.

Many times you’ve heard the advice that you should try to understand a word or phrase from context and not always use a dictionary. Now put it into practice. From the quotation above, what do you think to cost and arm and a leg means?

Use the language

Have you got a similar expression in your language? How does it translate into English?

6 thoughts on “Tickets that COST AN ARM AND A LEG

  1. Hello NOG 😉 Please don´t get me wrong. I didn´t learn cooking the books. Means, that I´m not a specialist for something like that, but I was tought by Rob and learned many further idioms too.


  2. When something cost one arm an one leg, you should think about that you can only pay twice this way ;). Also you should think about who will get your arms and legs. I asure you that folks who buy your arms and legs also COOKING THE BOOKS. ;))


  3. Hi NOG! Accommodation and tickets are so expensive to attend the World Cup in the Brazil that besides the arms and legs, they also cost “the eyes of the face” (this is a common expression here in Brazil). =)


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