Spot the mistake #5


The intention is good but the grammar and spelling are weak!

Your task today is to correct this painted message – one grammar problem, one spelling error.

5 thoughts on “Spot the mistake #5

  1. Ok noggers, together you’ve solved the problems.

    I imagine the writer of that sign is addressing more than one tourist, hence “tourists”; no apostrophe here because it is a plural form.

    And of course – welcome – another commonly misspelled word; only one ‘L’. Unless you want to say, “Well, come in and have a drink”.


  2. Hello again.
    Firstly, the writer probably need more than only one tourist. Means at least two of them to cup afloat. So, she / he should have written tourist´s.
    Secondly, the spelling error is the double “LL”, because “welcome” don´t need so match colour.
    Hope, that Sandro will confirm it and don´t reveals further mistakes 😉


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