Birthdays, work meetings, appointments with the doctor or dentist – so many things happening in our lives that it is easy to forget. What can we do to REMEMBER all these important dates?

If at work you are important enough to have a personal secretary, he/she will REMIND you when it’s time for the next meeting. In your private life, the smartphone does a similar job. Put a note in the diary app and at the right time a message will flash on-screen or a tone will sound to remind you. Don’t want to oversleep tomorrow? Set the alarm clock and it’ll ring to remind you when it’s time to wake up.

Remember is an action which happens to you spontaneously. Remind is an action which is done to you by someone (e.g. a friend) or something (e.g. an alarm).

Do you think you will remember the difference?

Use the language

Have you ever forgotten an important date? What were the consequences?

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