We’ll meet us for Christmas lunch


I often hear students saying something like this when making plans, not just for Christmas of course but even for after school or the weekend. I’m sorry to tell you that the example sentence above is incorrect. True, there cannot be any misunderstanding and maybe it’s also the way you say it in your language; not in English though.

My question to you today – how would a native speaker say the sentence above?

Use the language

Talking about Christmas, what are your plans for the day? Who do you meet to celebrate it?

3 thoughts on “We’ll meet us for Christmas lunch

  1. Congratulations NOGgers, you have both identified the problem. “Us” has no place in the sentence. If you really feel the need to add something, you can use “each other” as Uli said or “one another”, but there’s really no need to do so.


  2. Hello Sandro – good old boy 😉
    Laura, you are right. It is: “We´ll meet … .”
    Another way could be: “We´ll meet each other … .”
    Hope – Sandro will confirm it.


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