FEMEN – a women’s movement that aims to defend social equality. Although they make the news for their topless protests, they are actually FLYING THE FLAG for women’s rights in male-dominated societies. On the 07 September, they flew the flag of their beliefs – this time to demonstrate against female circumcision in Africa – at the Berlin Film Festival by rushing onto the red carpet.

On another level, here is me flying the flag for IELS, the school I work at. It’s an informal video taken at short notice. Now you can see how uncomfortable I feel in front of a camera!

These expressions mean the same as fly the flag:

  • wave the flag
  • show the flag

Use the language

Are you patriotic? Are you passionate about a football or ice-hockey team? Is there a particular cause you support? This is your chance to fly the flag on this website by writing in and telling other NOG followers about it.

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