Spot the mistake #2

Enemalta notice

  1. Read the notice (click on photo to enlarge)
  2. Note new words which you find useful

Use the language

Can you spot the mistake? One tip – there’s an extra word.

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8 thoughts on “Spot the mistake #2

  1. This is a sign in Malta – and I’m guessing the person who wrote it thought it out in Maltese first, since ‘idhol gewwa’ is perfectly acceptable in Maltese (enter inside).


  2. Sorry! I meant connectors or linkers such as and, or… However what Sandra says was the first thing I thought. You can say enter inside, can’t you?


    1. That’s correct Laura. When “enter” is used in connection with an enclosed space (school, taxi, office, etc.), the word “inside” is understood and therefore redundant. I wonder, is it possible to say “enter inside” in your language?


      1. Thanks for the explanation! You can actually say it in Spanish, I guess it’s because the verb enter needs to be followed by a preposition like in or inside. I’ll pay more attention next time!


  3. A little difficult for me, but I think it’s the word INSIDE in the sentense “You are entering inside enemalta premises”. I’m right?


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