Once, twice, …

I bet you said “three times” just as most people, including native speakers, say. Surprise, surprise, there is another word you can use. True, some think that it’s old fashioned and yet it still appears in books and articles. Therefore there’s no harm in learning “THRICE”, which follows on nicely from “once” and “twice”.

Probably you now expect me to give you something for “4 times”. Sorry but my bag of surprises is empty for today. Instead, I will show you 2 common mistakes:

  • I’ve been to an English language course thrice times.
  • She phoned me twice times last night.

These are correct:

  • I’ve been to an English language course thrice.
  • She phoned me twice last night.

Use the language

Your imagination is needed to create words for “4 times” and “5 times”. Let’s have them!


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  2. […] who won cycling’s hardest event, the 3-week Tour de France. Not once, not twice, not thrice but seven times! This was a man who was very close to dying, yet made it into the record books. […]


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