Getting high on PETRICHOR

This island rock was dry and the trees were thirsty because the last time it had rained was a few months ago. However, the weather forecast for Wednesday 21 August was rain, maybe even thunderstorms. While I just love the sound of thunder and watching the lightning in the sky, what I was really looking forward to was that pleasant smell that comes after the first rain – PETRICHOR. I was hoping for the rains to come at night so that the following morning I’d go running in the wood near where I live. For sure, I’d also spend some moments standing like a statue on the path, breathing n the aroma of petrichor.

As it turned out, the weather forecast was correct. Unfortunately I was in class 302B when the heavens opened, not a place where I could sniff the petrichor.

You might be wondering, “Do I need to know this word?” OK, it’s not in the 1,000 most useful words list, probably not even in the 100,000 most useful ones. That is not the point. If, like me, you get high on petrichor, then be proud to know and use this word! Why, even the Australian extreme/progressive metal band Ne Obliviscaris has a track entitled: Of Petrichor Weaves Black Noise (click on link below).

Use the language

Let’s exchange favourite scents. You now know that mine is petrichor. What is yours?

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