cc … mm; ll … nn

The original title of this language tip was “Spelling (1)” but that is drier than a Maltese summer. On the other hand, “cc … mm; ll … nn” is more eye-catching so  just let those eyes read on.


You know their meaning but please, watch out for the spelling of these two words. As you can see, both have 2 double consonants. Aha! The post title suddenly makes sense. Interestingly, these are among the most commonly misspelled words in English, even by native speakers themselves.

Use the language

When looking for or booking holiday accommodation, you often find these letters next to the prices: B&B, HB, FB. Do you know what they mean?

If millennium is a period of a thousand years, what are the words for 100 years and 10 years?

6 thoughts on “cc … mm; ll … nn

  1. I think I can help

    Full board includes breakfast, lunch and dinner
    Half board includes breakfast, lunch or dinner.
    Breakfast included
    On my last trip I stayed in a B & B accommodation.

    Answering the second question and very grateful …
    I still have “decades” to travel and choose the accommodations. I can’t say the same for the word “century”.


  2. I think .. Hotel prices : B&B => bed and breakfast
    HB => half bed (bed,breakfast and dinner)
    FB => full bed
    thanks from Sandro’s ex student


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