Adam Smith by D. D. Raphael

My promise to you: When I finish reading a book, I’ll share 3 words that I find interesting.

Today’s words come from a slim volume about the philosopher and economist, Adam Smith.

Adam Smith

Here they are:

  • INDUCEMENT – Those of you working in sales know that the more you sell, the more money you take home at the end of the month. The commission earned is an inducement to work harder and sell more. In sports, the possibility of winning an Olympic gold medal is an inducement for athletes to train for long  hours every day, in any weather, over many years.
  • ARDUOUS – To get that important sales contract or win the Olympic gold, you have to make many sacrifices. Missing out on parties, little time for family or friends, physical or mental stress –  it’s arduous work. Certainly not an easy life trying to achieve your aims, is it?
  • FRUGAL – When the times are good we take our 2 holidays a year, buy the latest flat screen, 3D TV and throw  away food just one day after the Best Before date. Money no problem! However, if the economy is not doing so well or there’s the risk of losing our job, our lifestyle becomes frugal. Let’s take the holiday in our home city instead, that TV can wait another few months and the Best Before date on the foodstuffs is only a suggestion.

Use the language

Which of these 3 words is most useful for you? Come on, write in to explain why!

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