Here’s a photo of a LEMON:

Piaggio Fly 125 motor scooter.
Piaggio Fly 125 motor scooter.

No, I haven’t been having an alcoholic lunch. What you’re seeing in the photo is a lemon, which also happens to be a motor scooter. Do I have your attention? So here’s the story.

Some 2 years ago I bought a Piaggio Fly 125cc motor scooter with a lovely pearl white finish that changed colour depending on the sunlight. It was brand new, straight out of the showroom. A small engine but a great runaround bike, it was just what I was looking for. It was not what I bargained for however, because in the first 40 days it broke down 3 times. I was unfortunate enough to have bought a motor scooter that was a lemon.

Lemon can be used to describe something you buy which doesn’t work well. In the USA they actually have a Lemon Law to protect consumers who purchase faulty products. While if you are a fan of Meatloaf (the singer not the food), you will now better understand his song, “Life Is A Lemon & I Want My Money Back”. Here are some of the lyrics:

There’s always something going wrong
That’s the only guarantee
That’s what this is all about
It’s a never ending attack
Everything’s a lie, and that’s a fact
Life is a lemon and I want my money back!

Click the link to watch a live version of the full song: Meatloaf & Melbourne Symphony Orchestra – Life is a Lemon

Use the language

  • Have you ever bought anything which turned out to be a lemon?
  • What was it?
  • What did you do about it?

Write in and share your experiences.

2 thoughts on “LEMON

  1. I have a Lemon too- a Piaggio Xevo 400. It has been stalling, irregularly, since I bought it, and I have been acting as a test rider while various tests and fixes have been tried. Piaggio Australia have not only been unhelpful, they have been obstructive: they have denied warranty coverage for work that the dealer said they wanted to do.

    I currently have a case before the Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal in NSW. That prompted Piaggio to take it back and fix it themselves, we’ll see if that works. Even if they do, their service is so bad I have no faith they will fix it promptly if/when something else goes wrong.

    I am fighting for a refund regardless of the Tribunal outcome. I will keep you posted.


    1. The occasional lemon does get through quality control but in my case I can’t fault the quality of the service offered by Piaggio’s local agents. I have since moved up to a Beverly 300 and haven’t had any problems with it in the year it’s been on the road.


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