This is not a maths problem! If I earn €1200 and a friend of mine earns €1800, which is the correct way of expressing the difference in our salaries? My friend earns a half more than me I earn half as much as my friend My friend earns half as much again as I do My […]

a mug (noun) Why is this my favourite MUG?! to mug (verb) Two men with knives are MUGGING an elderly couple. They must think that the orange bag is full of money. Over to you … Have you ever been MUGGED? Share your unpleasant experience with other language learners. Also of interest … CUP, MUG, PITCHER and a […]

I was so chuffed to hear some rather interesting words and phrases during our getting to know your partner/classmates session this Monday morning that I felt I should share them with all of you. I’ve SET MY SIGHTS ON working abroad => My aim is to work abroad My partner will TURN 20 next month => Next […]

The afternoon session in class 215A was dedicated to acronyms (short forms of phrases or sentences) commonly used for messaging. Here are a few we discussed: ASAP => as soon as possible THX => thanks XOXO => hugs and kisses IMO (IMHO) => in my opinion (in my honest/humble opinion) BTW => by the way CYE […]

“You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden.” ( This is your chance to prove that your English skills are better than the American President’s by correcting the sentence above.    

Very often photos are perfect for explaining the difference between confusable words. So folks, for those of you who are not sure of the difference between FAN (which circulates the air) and VENTILATOR (which allows fresh air to enter a room), these should help. Different types of FAN: Some examples of VENTILATORS: