Hello again noggers (= fans of Not Only Grammar). Here’s a new challenge for you – correct the text below. I scanned it from a fashion brochure that I found in the letter box today. A tip. There are two missing words. What are they and where do they fit in that paragraph? Answers in […]

“I probably would have never went down there if it weren’t for this game,” Wiggins told CNN. My question for you is not about Pokémon Go but rather about a comment made to the news agency CNN by a game player (see above). There’s a major grammar mistake. What is it? After you’ve sent in your answer, read and […]

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In one of my classes a few months ago, I used a short article from a local newspaper (The Times of Malta) to help my students: revise vocabulary we had learnt earlier on that week (COMMUTER) guess the meaning of unknown words by looking at the photo which accompanied the text (SLAM, BARRIER) discover an interesting alternative for […]

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“A scorching hot afternoon; even in the shade I was sweating like a pig.” Cloud Atlas – David Mitchell Last Sunday afternoon it was about 30º but I still decided to go for my run. I spent a lovely 70 minutes running along the country trails nearby, with the sun shining brightly and strongly over my […]