I’ve added a new section to this website – 411A. This is where I share real language problems of real students from a real language school classroom, with you. Even if you cannot physically be in room 411A, you can still try the tasks I set and send in your answers. Go on, take a […]

Farewell to Irina and Barbara. Keep up the good work! 19 October 2018

Doctors and medicine – maybe not fun topics to talk about but they will help me explain some words which students often get wrong. Imagine you have a health problem and need to consult your doctor about it. She does the usual checks, makes a diagnosis and writes out the medication you need to take. […]

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense. Brandon Truaxe is the founder and CEO — though he 1__________ (like) to say his official title 2__________ (be) “worker” — of Deciem, one of the buzziest skin care companies on the planet right now. When he 3__________ (launch) the company, five years ago, it 4__________ (be) […]

Language learning should also be fun, don’t you think? And for fun, here’s a TV series I recommend. If you enjoy traveling, have a sense of humour and want to hear clear, spoken English (with subtitles, if necessary), then watch Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father. Take a look at the trailer for season 1.   […]

A number of elderly people, mainly women, were easy prey for two teenage boys who targeted vulnerable people systematically in a bid to steal their wallets, a court heard yesterday. Four women had their purse robbed, while in two other cases the attempt was foiled when the victims resisted. (Times of Malta 21 July 2016) […]

A road sign is a simple, yet useful, way of learning new vocabulary. I took a photo of one that was just outside where my mother lives. Some construction work was to take place between the 13th and 22nd September, meaning the road in front had to be kept empty. The “No Parking” is clear […]