“I was thirsty so I drunk water.” If ask me about the most common mistakes I have met in my 24 years of teaching English, drunk is definitely one of them. The sentence above is taken from a writing piece by an intermediate level student of mine. It might look OK and even sound all […]

Maybe the minister drank too many caipirinhas the night before or he spent too much time under the hot samba sun.

  a mug (noun) Why is this my favourite mug?! to mug (verb) This elderly couple are being mugged by 2 men with knives. They must think that orange bag is full of money. Practice Write a few lines about your favourite mug, saying why you like it and what you usually drink from it. […]

The weather is improving, folks. Five days ago we had an overcast sky. However, the forecast for today is SCATTERED CLOUDS. This means that there will be some clouds but also plenty of blue sky and sunshine to enjoy. Any interesting weather conditions in your part of the world? Related topics Overcast

Is it one of those days when you can’t see the sun or even a bit of blue sky? Then this is the day to use the word OVERCAST, a better way of saying that it’s really, really cloudy. As for me, I prefer sunny days, maybe with a few fluffy clouds. How about you? […]

  Use the language There are 2 improvements we can make to this text. Your suggestions noggers! Related posts: Spot the mistake #5 Spot the mistake #4 Spot the mistake #3


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